What is an Automotive Service Excellence Certification?

The reason why ASE is around is first to educate technicians about new vehicles, models, systems. Every year vehicles get more sophisticated with computers, finely tuned parts and complex electrical systems.

Not only do we like being a proactive shop that continues to educate ourselves on the most cutting-edge techniques and systems. It also gives our customers peace of mind that we use a third party source ASE where we are tested on our abilities so we can be the best auto repair shop we can be.

At Jorge Alonso Auto Repair all of our technicians are ASE Certified, and even some are Master ASE Certified which is a step above the rest.

The ASE Certification was created by a non-profit called National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.

All vehicle owners looking for auto repair services should look for the blue and white ASE Certification logo at their automotive service center.

Since 1972 ASE Certification has been in existence, now it is the standard of excellence when employing every automotive technician. Automotive professionals who have this certification are seen as experts, having a high level of knowledge, training, and commitment to continuing their automotive service and repair education.

Vehicle owners should know that even if only one technician in a auto repair shop is ASE certified, the shop is able to display the ASE certificate. Many consumers should know that they can ask who the ASE certified mechanic is, then request his or her services, specifically.

How does an Automotive Service Excellence Certification work?

Automotive Technicians who are ASE certified are seen as high-quality candidates for employment in the auto service industry.

With specific requirements and criteria that they must meet to apply for ASE certification. The individual must show at least two years of automotive work experience, and be able to complete and pass one specialty exams. This test is only offered twice a year for automotive technicians who are interested in obtaining the ASE certification. The ASE exams come in many subject matters, and mechanics can choose a specific type of ASE certification; like brakes and rotors to cooling and heating systems.

What is an ASE Master Certification?

An automotive technician who has already passed ASE tests on a variety of subjects, can then choose to take the Master Certification exam. The ASE Master Certification is provided to insure excellence in many different areas like; school buses, engine machinist, transit buses and medium to heavy truck repair. Every area of the master exam includes multiple tests that a technician must pass to recieve the master certification.

Now we all learned things in school that we forget over time, so it is an ASE requirement to renew this certification every five years.

Does an ASE Certification really matter?

Vehicle owners have the right to know their vehicles are being serviced by the best technicians who care about their craft. ASE Certifications is a benchmark that sets mechanics apart so as a consumer you will know if a mechanic dables or has mastered his profession.

Having ASE certified technician, benefit the business owner just as much as its consumers. Owners in the auto service industry will have confidence they have hired qualified and experienced technicians, which leads to quality work on your vehicle and to trust in your local ASE Certified Automotive Service Center.