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How does my suspension system work? How often should shocks, struts and suspension be checked?

Your suspension system is more important than you think. You drive over potholes and rough road while keeping comfortable and barely feel a thing in the car. Proper maintenance of your suspension is not just about comfort – it’s about safety! Questions? Call Jorge Alonso Suspension Specialists in Oceanside CA Now! 760-429-7620


The streets and roads we drive on are not perfectly flat. Even freshly paved highways have bumps that interact with the wheels of your car.

Without a suspension system, every bump would be felt right through to the frame of the car.

The wheels would repetitively lose contact with the road and then be slammed back onto the surface. There wouldn’t be any comfort in the ride – your car would be hard – if not impossible to steer and you wouldn’t be satisfied with the ride at all.

But the suspension system of your car cushions the bumps. The body and passenger compartment of the car travels smoothly while the wheels and tires follow the bumps in the road.

Did you know that at 75 MPH, cars with worn suspension systems can take up to 22 feet more to stop? 

Don’t risk the safety of you and your family because of a worn suspension. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video for a more complete explanation or pick up the phone can call Jorge Alonso Auto Repair – Your Oceanside CA Shocks, Struts, Steering and Suspension Specialists! Call 760-429-7620


There are three main functions of your car’s shocks, struts & suspension system.

1) Keep the tires on the road:
The only way your car can steer, accelerate, stop and corner is if the tires are in contact with the road. That’s because of the friction created between the tires and the road. Your suspension system keeps the tires ‘hugging’ the road and assures the weight of the vehicle is properly positioned to maintain the grip

2) Provide stable steering and handling:
The suspension system keeps your car from tipping or rolling over during cornering.

3) Passenger comfort:
When you think about it, the suspension system really isolates the body and passenger compartment of your car from all the ‘bumps and grinds’ in the road. The suspension components actually absorb and disperse the movement – the upward and downward energy – that’s created as your car moves down the road over the bumps.

The entire suspension system on your car is made up of many different components including springs, shocks and/or struts and all the components that connect to the steering and the chassis.

The job of the suspension is to balance your vehicle during driving, cornering and steering while keeping the passenger compartment comfortable.

Don’t risk problems with your car’s suspension, shocks, struts or steering. That could put the safety of you and your family at risk!  Call Jorge Alonso Auto Repair in Oceanside CA Now! We’re your suspension specialist for all makes and models! Call 760-429-7620

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