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Brake Repair in Oceanside CA 90258 – Squealing Brakes? Grinding Noises?

Does your car shake or pull to the left or right when you hit the brakes?

If you have any questions about Brakes or if you notice a squeal, grinding noise or even if your car pulls to the left or right when you hit the brakes, give us a call today in Oceanside CA at 760-429-7620!


Remember, your brakes are being worn every time you drive your car! For that reason, we recommend that you should have your brakes checked every 6 months or 6,000 miles (3,600kms) or as soon as you suspect any problems at all.

A good idea is to have your brakes checked at every oil change service. That way, our technicians could spot small problems before they become big ones!

With a simple inspection we’ll be able to tell you how much life is left in your brake pads, inspect the brake rotors for excess wear and double check that brake cylinders aren’t leaking and brake fluid.

We also check your brake fluid levels and the condition of the fluid itself. That’s because brake fluid is very hygroscopic. That means it absorbs moisture. When that happens, the brake fluid discolors.

As a quick rule of thumb, clean brake fluid should be about the color of apple juice. When it’s darker than that – it’s contaminated.

Everyone’s driving habits vary – and that means everyone brakes will wear differently depending on the way you drive and the driving conditions. As an example, you could expecta longer life from your brakes if you do a lot of highway driving.

On the other hand, stop and go city driving will mean that you will wear your brake pads and rotors quicker.


If you’re hearing brake squealing, grinding or scraping sounds or noise coming from your brakes, here’s some of the most common things you should check or watch for:

  • Test of Brake fluid indicates a copper content of 200 ppm or greater indicating the need for a fluid replacement
  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy when the brakes pedal is depressed
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied
  • Brake fluid level in master cylinder low
  • Brake system Warning Lamp stays illuminated

Don’t risk the safety of you and your family because of a brake problem. Call Jorge Alonso Auto Repair in Oceanside CA Now! We’re your brake specialist for all makes and models! Call 760-429-7620

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